I love sex toys. I use them wherever and whenever I can. My wife and I cannot get enough of them she must have about 50 toys herself and I have about 5 of them. I don’t know why they get such a bad name. They should be used in every marriage. They lets us explore our own bodies and each others.  We first started in 1987 my wife and I were having troubles in our marriage and we were not connecting with each other in a sexual or a mental way. One last dich effort my wife said is that we should try to bring in some “excitement” into our bedroom. I said ok. I told her to pick up what ever she wanted. She got a vibrating anal plug not for her but for ME. I was not looking forward to going home that night. I told her at first that I was not interested in the festivities for the night but she told me that I told her to get whatever she wanted and she wanted that. So we watched a movie and after it was over we went to the bedroom. She told me to close my eyes and to lay on the bed. I did it “because I said I would” and with that we were of to the races. She started to touch me and nothing out of the ordinary. As she started to stroke me I felt her to start to play with my backside. I was definitely uncomfortable with it at first but as she started to play with it more and more the more I was enjoying it. With that she slipped it in.

Wifes sexy Ass

WOW is all I could say at first, it felt like I had to go to the bathroom. But then it started to kick in. It felt increasingly better and better. When it was time for me to explode it lasted for at least 5 mins. It was the most intense 5 min that I had ever felt. After that I trusted her with whatever she want to try. After that I learned to open up to her more and let her into my life and I have to say that night changed us for the better as individuals and as lovers. Any time she has a suggestion for us and our relationship I am all in.

Pulled down wifes workout pants


Here are some of the things that we use in our relationship. Fleshlight for me. Dildos for her and a anal plug for her and myself. Also we love porn and one of our favorite sites is http://yoga-porn.net because we both love girls at the yoga class. She tells me that she loves to see cameltoe on other women when working out (hopefully I can turn this into a threesome).



So I just wanted to share this so hopefully it can help anybody that is having trouble in there marriage and they are looking to bring some live back into it. Make sure to try the uncomfortable. You might be surprised.